New Year, New Plans

Happy New Year!


We’re raring to go to make 2021 an even better year for carers in South Asia. Our goals for the year have been set and we would like to give you a look in to three of our key focuses for this upcoming year to give you an idea of what is to come…


1) Increasing our Focus on Supporting Mental Health of Carers

COVID-19 has created a range of social and economic challenges and has made the role of caring even more challenging. The mental health of carers has worsened as a result of the pandemic with 55% of carers in our projects reporting significant increase in stress and anxiety.


This year we are committed to increasing access to services to promote the mental health of carers which will include launching brand-new “Carer Helplines”. The helplines will provide advice and support to carers over the telephone wherever they are based and whenever they need it.


2) Strengthening our Trustee Boards in the UK and India

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vital role that carers play. Ensuring carers get the support and recognition they deserve is now one of the greatest social challenges of our time. As we strive to impact the lives of over 10 million carers across South Asia by the end of 2030 we are looking to diversify and strengthen our Trustee Boards to help make this a reality.


We are particularly keen in welcoming individuals with commercial or social enterprise background, experience in training and consultancy, and/or expertise in marketing. These skills will help us successfully launch our new training and consultancy programme.


3) Launching our Training and Consultancy Programme

This year we will be developing training packages on the ‘Carers Worldwide Model’ which will be available for NGOs/INGOs who wish to include carers as project beneficiaries.


We will also be offering consultancy packages to a wide variety of public and private sector employers in order to create ‘carer-friendly’ employment practices. Carers are often excluded from the work force, or have to drop out or work part time, due to inflexible working arrangements which conflict with caring duties. This is detrimental to the wellbeing of carers but it is also detrimental to employers who lose out on talent, skills and experience that carers can offer.


By creating carer-friendly work environments, our consultancy programme will bring considerable benefits to carers, their families, employers and the wider economy.


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