Odisha Carer Celebrations | SPREAD

Today saw the first ever Carers Day celebrations held in Baipariguda block of Koraput District, Odisha state. Organised by SPREAD – one of our partners in Odisha – and attended by more than 300 carers and their family members, it was a historic moment indeed.


A rally through the main high street commenced proceedings, with the procession flagged off by the Chairwoman of the Baipariguda. For more than an hour the vibrant rally drew the attention of the town, generating a tremendous amount of awareness about carers issues and the important contribution they make to the lives of the people they care for.


Following the rally, carers and their family members gathered to enjoy recreational time which is a rare opportunity for many of those who took part. Games were enjoyed as part of the celebrations, which ended with traditional tribal music and a Dimsha tribal traditional dance competition.


Formal proceedings included speeches by local and highly influential dignitaries who endorsed that carers play a significant role and should be appropriately supported and recognised within the community. This was accompanied by local press and media coverage who interviewed carers, SPREAD project co-ordinators and our Founder Anil Patil.


We are proud of the entire SPREAD team, guided by Mr Bidyut Mohanty, Secretary, SPREAD who made this first event a huge success and supported the carers throughout. All in all it was a great day and we look forward to seeing this event grow over the coming years.

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