Our Model: Healthy Carers for Healthy Families

In this 5-part series we are exploring each of the unique elements of our model that together holistically transform the wellbeing of carers. In this second article we take a look at Health Services.


Carers are susceptible to the same physical and mental health conditions as us all. Not only that, but the role of caring itself can increase the likelihood of developing certain health problems.


Caring can be a physically demanding role. With limited access to assistive aids and appliances for persons with disabilities in the countries where we work, carers often find themselves having to lift and carry those they care for which can be challenging if the person being cared for is an older child or adult.


Feelings of isolation, depression, stress and anxiety are also common among carers. 79% of carers we work with report experiencing anxiety or depression.


We have found that 48% of the carers we work with in India, Nepal and Bangladesh worry about their own health needs but do not seek medical treatment due to a lack of available time or a lack of money.


At Carers Worldwide, we believe that health services should be accessible for all carers. As part of our model we facilitate access to expert physical and mental health services for carers, including locally available counselling.


“Many carers have their own health issues. Our staff find those carers and refer them to their local Primary Health Centres so that their concerns can be addressed and treated.” – NGO SACRED, Andhra Pradesh, India


Our approach has meant that 78% of carers we work with report an improvement in their own health. Improvements in health and wellbeing benefit the carers themselves, and also those they care for: the healthier a carer is, the greater the quality of care they are able to give to those they care for.


Take a look at our blog to discover more examples of how we promote the health of carers. Join us next week when we will explore the respite and short breaks aspect of our model.