As part of our 2020 – 2022 strategic goals we will be introducing a new dimension to our work that will involve us capitalizing on the body of expertise and knowledge that we have developed over the years in relation to carers and caring in India, Nepal and Bangladesh.

Our expertise in the field of caring and our experiences working with carers in low and middle income countries can be of value to a variety of stakeholders and replicable in a range of settings. We are keen to share our knowledge and skills in order to build a better world for carers wherever they are.


We will be developing training and consultancy packages which we will use to actively engage with INGOs and not-for-profits, the corporate sector, and local and national governments. Our goal is to equip such agencies with the tools they need to promote recognition of carers and to provide support and appropriate interventions that will support carer wellbeing, health, social inclusion and employability.


Please visit us again soon for further information on this aspect of our work as it gets underway. In the meantime, if you would like to be kept updated on this aspect of our work, please register your interest with an email to info@carersworldwide.org

Policy & Research