Across the globe there are a significant number of unpaid family carers who are looking after a loved one at the same time as being in paid work and pursuing a career. Many of them find it difficult to manage their caring responsibilities alongside work and reduce their hours or leave employment all together.

In the UK, 1 in 7 of the workforce has caring responsibilities and 1 in 6 employee carers ultimately give up their work or reduce their working hours to care for their loved ones. One of the key reasons for this can be a lack of workplace support.

The majority of employees who are carers are aged between 40-65 years old and are at the peak of their careers.

As a result of COVID-19, many employee carers have increased responsibilities and stresses. Others will have become carers for the first time. 

When unpaid carers leave the workforce, this has a significant impact on the carer, their family, employers and the wider economy. Employers lose talent, skills and experience from their workforce. In the UK, the cost to the economy is estimated to be £5.3 billion in lost earnings due to people dropping out of the workforce (Age UK, 2012).


Good companies need good people. To reduce the issue of employee carers feeling like they have to leave the workforce to care, we are embarking on the provision of unique, tailor-made consultancy packages that will equip employers to be in a position to offer employee carers a suitable working environment which will be of benefit to both employer and employees.


Our consultancy packages will be available to public and private sector employers. The tailored packages will involve a detailed analysis of the current organisational structure and the designing of bespoke solutions that will result in organisations being ‘carer-friendly’ employers.


The benefits of our consultancy packages to employers and employees will be:

  • Improved wellbeing of employees leading to increased staff morale with happier and loyal employees that feel valued
  • Reduced sick leave and absenteeism
  • High staff retention reducing recruitment costs and those associated with training new recruits
  • Reputation as a ‘carer-friendly’ employer improving the organisations’ ability to attract employees and become an employer of choice
  • Recognition in the community as a kind and caring employer
  • Improved service delivery and increased productivity


We are currently looking for organisations who would be interested in becoming early adopters of our packages. Early adopter packages will be available to a maximum of two organisations and will be offered at a highly favourable rate. As an early adopter, you will also have the advantage of being recognised as a compassionate employer and for being a leading organisation in resolving one of the biggest social challenges of our time – how to manage unpaid caring and employment.


If your organisation would like to secure a place as an early adopter, or wish to discuss the package further, please fill out our contact form below, or alternatively contact Anil Patil directly on +44 (0)7745 608 438 or anil.patil@carersworldwide.org.


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