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Strategic Goal 2: Training and Consultancy

In this four-part series being brought to you this month, we will explore each of our 2020 – 2022 Strategic Goals in more depth.



Strategic Goal 2


To develop a high quality, bespoke training and consultancy service focussing on topics relating to carers and caring for use with national and international level NGOs, government agencies and corporates to enable them to support family carers in their respective spheres of influence.


Strategic Goal 2 is a new direction which will see us capitalise on the body of expertise and knowledge that we have developed over the years in relation to carers and caring in India, Nepal and Bangladesh. We feel that what we have learnt and know about the carers’ issue is transferable to a variety of stakeholders and replicable in other settings to those we currently work in.


As part of this goal, we are going to develop ‘training and consultancy packages’ which we will use to actively engage with larger INGOs and not for profits, the corporate sector and governments with a view to providing tailored paid-for training and consultancy packages to equip such agencies with the tools to promote recognition of carers and provide support and appropriate interventions to support carer wellbeing, health, inclusion and employability.


The need for carer-friendly practices to be adopted more widely was highlighted by Deepa S, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Dell EMC at our 2019 Regional Learning Exchange Workshop which was held in Bangalore, India. She said:


“Caring affects the whole of society, including the workplace. Those residing in urban areas, and employees of corporations are also carers so questions need to be asked about what companies can do to create inclusive work environments for those with caring responsibilities.”


Over the next three years we will be putting together a set of marketable training and consultancy packages and aim to have delivered these to a total of 9 agencies by the end of 2022.


We can’t wait to use all the knowledge that we have built up over the years to help carers from a more varied demographic. If you have any further questions about this strategic goal please feel free to contact us. Visit our website next week to read about our third 2020 – 2022 Strategic Goal focussed on ‘building up a body of evidence’.


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