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Strategic Goal 4: Policy and Advocacy

In this four-part series being brought to you this month, we will explore each of our 2020 – 2022 Strategic Goals in more depth.



Strategic Goal 4


To engage in policy and advocacy work at regional, national and international levels in order to achieve recognition and inclusion of carers, and to promote the formation of regional and national level carers’ forums, ultimately leading to the voice of carers being heard by policy makers and practitioners at all levels and across sectors.


We believe that supporting advocacy and campaigning work with evidence grounded in the experiences of carers themselves is critical to the achievement of inclusion of carers into the mainstream and for sustained change for unpaid family carers. As part of this strategic goal we will promote carer involvement at local, district, state and national level in our countries of operation.


Existing and new carers groups and forums will be networked to achieve a regional presence which will raise the voice of carers and advocate for recognition, support services and policy inclusion for all family carers. Alongside this, we will continue to use our increasingly growing visibility to impact national level policy in the countries where we work and ensure that grassroots and national level advocacy work hand in hand to achieve long term, sustainable change.


By the end of 2022 we aim to have established two national-level forums in two of our countries of operation. We will also promote the involvement of carer representatives from our countries of operation in national and international conferences so carers themselves can advocate amongst policy makers and practitioners on a national and global scale.


Policy and Advocacy in Practice

At the end of 2018 we received funding from the Commonwealth Foundation to develop a new four-year project that will create a stronger civic voice through the formation of State Level Carers Forums (SLCFs) and an Indian National Alliance of Carers (INAC). Working with our existing partners we are creating SLCFs in four states of India – Karnataka (with SAMUHA), Andhra Pradesh (with SACRED), Jharkand (with NBJK), and Odisha (with SPREAD, WORD, and EKTA).


In July last year the first of the SLCFs was formed in Karnataka which you can read about in full here. 2019 also saw Andhra Pradesh hold their first SLCF meeting whilst the Jharkhand and Odisha SLCFs are both meeting for the first time this week. Keep reading our blog to stay updated on their progress.


This concludes our 2020 – 2022 strategic goals series. If you have any further questions about this strategic goal, or any of the other goals we discussed previously, then please get in touch. Follow us over the next three years to see how we progress in meeting our goals. You can ensure you keep up to-date with our progress by signing up to our monthly e-news.


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