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Caring affects us all…

Being a carer can mean being on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That leaves little time for a social life and makes maintaining employment or keeping up with education difficult. Many carers face financial hardship and severe social isolation. Yet without exception, we find that carers want to continue providing care. They are not looking for a way out or to pass their responsibilities on to someone else. They just want someone to turn to, for advice to know they are not alone, to be listened to and heard, and to have the occasional day or few hours off, just to be themselves.

Our aim is simple – to be there for the thousands of carers in the countries where Carers Worldwide is working. We can’t do this without you. Your donation will help us ensure that carers live fulfilling lives; are treated with dignity and respect; are free from financial hardship and, occasionally, get a desperately needed break.