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Access to Community Care Centre Appeal: Providing Disabled Children Transport to Community Care Centres in Kathmandu, Nepal

We want to provide a minibus service for children so they can attend community care centres 5 days a week. This will provide their mothers with respite and the chance to pursue livelihoods, without compromising the care given to their disabled child.

Why help?

Our research with 334 carers of children with Cerebral Palsy in Kathmandu, which was conducted in collaboration with The Self-help Group for Cerebral Palsy (SGCP), Nepal, found that 63% of carers have no income. 47% of carers report they are unable to work because they cannot find anyone else to care for their loved one. 85% of the carers interviewed reported being concerned about their financial situation and 62% reported being worried about not having any free time for themselves.

To resolve the issues that carers face with regard to not being able to earn an income and having no respite, we designed the concept of community-based care centres and implemented a total of 10 of these centres across Kathmandu. The centres offer 6-8 hours day care, 5 days per week, to children with Cerebral Palsy during the day, offering education, therapy and socialisation for the children which improves their social, emotional and physical wellbeing. When children attend these centres, it provides respite to their carer and offers a chance for the carer, usually the childs mother, to go to work. This gives families, many of whom are living in poverty, a much-needed increase in income. It also reduces the social isolation of the carer and boosts her self-esteem.

At present, we are unable to continue to cover the cost of transportation to and from the centres and this lack of suitable transportation is preventing children from attending the centres. Public transportation is not an option as buses are overcrowded and do not provide disability access so children with wheelchairs and mobility issues are unable to board the buses. Private transport is required but this is costly. Providing transportation to the centres will enable more children to attend the centres.

Your Support Matters

We  are looking to offer transport to 128 children across 10 community care centres in Kathmandu, Nepal. Your donation will provide vital funding so up to 128 children can benefit from therapy and educational opportunities and up to 128 carers, predominantly mothers, will be able to access income-generating opportunities or have respite.

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Your donation in action 


 £ 35.00 – Provides one month of safe, reliable transport for one child to and from one of our day care centres

£ 420.00 – will provide a mother with the security of knowing her child can attend the centre for a whole year