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Webinar 2 - Let’s Talk About…Young Carers

Webinar Date: 19 July 2022

Carers: The Big Conversation - Webinar Series

In our second webinar of the series, Chris Underhill and Anil Patil spoke with Saul Becker and Melissa Moody, and we also heard directly from Kakoly, a 15 year old young carer from Bangladesh.

This webinar delved into the emotive issue of young carers and Saul was able to give a global picture of the issues faced by young carers and the support they get or don’t get around the world, due to his academic and policy work in this area over the past 30 years. Melissa grew up as a young carer and campaigned to raise awareness and for their rights of these young people doing so much more than should be expected of children, through the Children’s Society. She was able to paint a picture of the situation for young carers in the UK and of the important role schools play in the identification and support of young carers.

Kakoly spoke to us from Bangladesh in a pre-recorded video about her experiences and the challenges she faces looking after her elder brother. She spoke about needing help with learning how to look after her brother properly as well as her deep desire to get back to school and have more time to spend with her peers and friends as she is getting increasingly isolated.

It was an inspiring and moving session with lots of people joining in with questions at the Q&A at the end and we do hope you’ll watch the recording above if you missed the session.