Carers Worldwide draws attention to the needs of unpaid family carers amongst local organisations, NGOS, international NGOs and Governments.

We work to enable these organisations to include carers into their existing programmes and to initiate carer-specific activities that will meet the needs of carers at all levels – emotional, physical and economic.

Carers Worldwide works strategically, serving as a catalyst to:

  1. Bring about systemic change in the work of governments, charities and other agencies so that they recognise and respond to the needs of carers in the developing world.
  2. Facilitate the provision of support for individual carers and their families in the developing world, bringing them better health, wellbeing and economic security.

We achieve this by:

  1. Rolling out our highly effective partnership approach to raise awareness, change attitudes and transform practice.
  2. Disseminating the Carers Worldwide model of the support necessary for creating systemic changes for carers.

The Carers Worldwide model comprises five core elements:

  1. Carers’ support groups – to reduce loneliness and isolation, create social networks and support emotional wellbeing;
  2. Health services – to provide access to physical and mental health services, including locally available counselling services;
  3. Respite and short breaks – to offer a break from caring responsibilities along with the development of alternative high quality care options such as day care centres;
  4. Employment, training and education – to facilitate access to employment, training or education, tailored as appropriate to co-exist with caring responsibilities;
  5. Advocacy – to strengthen the collective voice of carers to advocate for their needs and the provision they require at community, regional and national level, leading to changes in policy and practice.