Sustainable solutions reach remote carers in Nepal 

Our #HumansCare feature this week takes us to Toripani village in Myagdi district, Nepal.  Caring for a loved one here is particularly challenging due to the remoteness of the villages, meaning that access to services and support is nearly impossible.


Regardless of the fact that caring is an isolating and lonely task, countless home-based carers in Nepal strive day in day out to meet the needs their loved ones, irrespective of the impact it has on their lives.  


Caring for her mentally ill husband and four children has taken its toll on Yamuna.  When we met her, she was physically and emotionally exhausted.  The future was unknown and she worried how to make ends meet for her family.


Yamuna was connected with our work by our local partner LEADS, who have a wealth of experience working in remote areas of Nepal. She explained that she was struggling financially and even the medicines that she needed were beyond what she could afford.


Yamuna had no choice other than to continue in her caring duties, with no way of knowing if her situation would ever change. That was until she joined a carers group that we had recently set up in her village.


After connecting with other carers, suddenly Yamuna didn’t feel so alone. She had people to talk to and a way to lobby for services and support for herself and carers in the village. In a short space of time, Yamuna increased her involvement, taking a role at a cluster level carers group.  This enabled her to take action to support the growing movement of carers, collaborating with neighbouring village group representatives for improved conditions for carers within a greater geographical area.


Through our programmes, Yamuna also applied for a small loan to start a small home-based incense making business. This has been life-changing for the family.  Not only can Yamuna continue to care for her family, they now have a steady income into the home.  


Using cheap and easily available resources like charcoal and bamboo meant that the business was quicky self-sustaining.  The incense sticks are proving popular in the village and market of the district town, so repaying the loan has not been an issue. Yamuna is delighted knowing that she can now afford medication, care for her family and make a living. She feels her life has started again.


As little as £10 a month can help carers like Yamuna turn their lives around. 


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