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Carers Day

On the 19th October 2023, we celebrated Carers Day with unpaid carers and their supporters across India, Nepal and Bangladesh. This was the second annual Carers Day after the wonderful success of 2022. 

We will be holding this day of celebration and recognition of unpaid carers every year, to reach more people, communities and policymakers and make them aware of the issues that unpaid carers face.

How can I Support Carers in India, Bangladesh and Nepal on Carers Day?

Donating to Carers Worldwide helps us to support carers in India, Bangladesh and Nepal. We work with local charity partners in these countries, to support unpaid carers and promote their physical, emotional, economic and social wellbeing.

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What Do You Do on the Day?

On Carers Day, our local charity partners, the carers they support and their communities, come out in force to raise awareness of unpaid carers and the issues and challenges they face, as well as the massive contribution they make to society. Carers and their supporters hold rallies, form human chains, share their experiences and submit memoranda to their local government authorities, focusing on carers’ issues, rights and needs.

The theme of Carers Day 2023 is “Let’s Recognise and Support Carers”.

“Until we make caring visible, communities and government will not recognise the huge contribution made by carers and in turn provide them with the support they need. This is why we are joining together with our partner organisations, local government and other stakeholders to celebrate Carers Day and draw attention to carers.”
– Anil Patil, Founder & Executive Director, Carers Worldwide.

Why Celebrate Carers Day?

Carers Day is an opportunity for carers and their supporters to make sure they are seen and heard. Although there are invaluable benefits to providing care, being an unpaid carer can take a heavy toll on the carer’s health and well-being and can impact them financially if they have to withdraw from work to care for their loved ones.

There is currently no formal day of recognition for unpaid carers in South Asia, so by coming together on this day across India, Nepal and Bangladesh, carers are taking a stand and making their voices heard.

Carers Day 2022

Last year was the inaugural Carers Day and it was a rousing success. Over 10,000 carers and their supporters joined together to raise awareness of the issues and challenges faced by unpaid carers.

Some key highlights include:

  • 66 family carers received Carers Allowance from The City Municipal Council, Koppal in India.

  • Our Founder Anil Patil was interviewed live for an hour by a regional TV channel in Karnataka India, Doordarshan Chandana, and the interview was eventually viewed 2.89 million times!
  • The Tamil Nadu government, India, issued an order to pay extra allowance for high-dependence care.
Read our article on the day below to see everything we did in 2022.
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