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#HumansCare | Vijay, Carer from India

Published: 05 September 2022
Updated: 25 September 2023
Vijay with this daughter alongside his various enterprises that he has set up with our support

Vijay lives in Hutpa village, in the state of Jharkhand in Northeast India, with his wife and four children. He is a carer for his 18-year-old daughter who has intellectual and physical disabilities. The team at our local charity partner Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra (NBJK), connected to him when they were conducting a survey of the unpaid carers of those they work with.

When NBJK first spoke to Vijay, he had to stay at home to take care of the four children. He was unable to work because of this and so had no source of income – he and his family were struggling financially.

NBJK suggested that he should join the Gulab Carers Group in Hutpa village. The other members of the group were able to offer Vijay moral support as they had all experienced similar situations themselves. They also even provided some help with taking care of his children. Vijay received a loan from the Carers Group to start a goat farming business. He did well and after returning the first loan he took another to purchase a cow. Step by step, with the moral and financial support he received from our Carers Group, his financial condition improved.

“Since I have joined the Carers programme, my problems have worked out. I got different work opportunities from which I have earned good income. Now my family is seen well in the community. People are inspired by seeing me and what I have achieved.”- Vijay

As well as the goats and the cow, he also started growing vegetables to sell. Last year he had saved enough to be able to buy a second-hand auto-rickshaw and he has also now bought a second-hand tractor. He is now financially stable due to the various income streams he has created and is able to take care of his disabled daughter and the rest of his family.

“Earlier, my husband and I were always worried about what our future would be. But now after joining the Carers programme, all our troubles have gone away.” – Sima Devi, Vijay’s wife

His next plan is to buy a school bus to continue to increase his family’s income and standard of living. We are so inspired by Vijay’s story and his ambition to use the support we were able to provide through our Carers Group and our Livelihood and Training programme, to really make a difference to his life and that of his family.

And we’re not the only ones to have been inspired. Vijay’s success has shown other carers what’s possible and there has been an uptake in people taking part in our Livelihood and Training programme in the area, due to his influence. Kamalkant Pandey, a staff member at NBJK commented: “I feel very happy working with Vijay and his family. With our cooperation, Vijay has consistently been successful due to his dedication and hard work. The enthusiasm of other Carers to take a chance and start a new livelihood activity, has visibly increased due to them seeing the success that Vijay is making of it. Now he is able to take care of his children properly and is running the business well.”

Thank you to our partner NBJK and to Vijay for sharing his story. If his story has inspired you too and you would like to help us to continue to make a difference in the lives of unpaid carers in India like Vijay, then please consider donating to India. Thank you!