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Webinar 3 - Let’s Talk About…Carers’ Mental Health & Wellbeing

Webinar Date: 20 September 2022

Carers: The Big Conversation - Webinar Series

In our third webinar of the series, Chris Underhill and Anil Patil spoke with Nicole Dauz and Bhavana Issar, and we also heard directly from Roksana, a carer from Bangladesh who, with our support, has taken barefoot counselling training and is now able to help other family carers with their mental health issues.

This webinar focussed on the important issue of the mental health and wellbeing of unpaid family carers. Nicole and Bhavana spoke about their experiences as carers and supporting carers. They spoke with Anil about why mental wellbeing is so important, the challenges facing unpaid carers in terms of their mental health and wellbeing and the importance of self-care for unpaid family carers. They also talked about what needs to happen now – why we all need to start thinking about the mental health and well-being of unpaid carers.

Roksana joined us for the webinar and we watched a short film of her talking about being a Barefoot Counsellor and what it means to her to be able to help others with their mental health and what she’s learned about herself and how she has grown through this experience.

We are so grateful to everyone who attended and who asked such interesting and thoughtful questions during the Q&A session. If you missed the session, please do watch the recording above.