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Webinar 5 - Let’s Talk About…Livelihoods & Employment

Webinar Date: 27 April 2023

Carers: The Big Conversation - Webinar Series

In our fifth webinar, Anil and Chris spoke with Stefan Tromel, Senior Disability Specialist at the International Labour Organization; Katherine Wilson, Head of Employment at Carers UK; and Dr Racheal Raykumari from WORD, one of our charity partners in India who support unpaid carers to start income generation activities.

They discussed the global perspective on the care economy, the challenges faced by unpaid family carers in getting and keeping employment, practical advice for how employers can support and benefit from unpaid carers in their workforce and how small changes can make a big change to a person’s life.

We also watched a short video from India sharing the story of two unpaid carers we support through WORD, how they are now able to earn a living alongside their caring responsibilities, and some more examples of the kinds of livelihood activities we support carers into.

Many thanks to everyone who joined our session. If you were unable to make the webinar, you can watch the recording above.