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#HumansCare | Lifting Our Family’s Spirit, Mangala & Shivanna’s Story

Published: 09 July 2024
Updated: 09 July 2024
Two people stadning next to a cow.

This story is a testament to the transformative impact of our project’s work in the lives of unpaid family carers facing immense challenges. Mangala and Shivanna are from a small village in rural southern India and found themselves grappling with the disability of their two sons, due to severe cerebral palsy.

At first, both sons seemed healthy until they both experienced convulsions, eventually leading to the diagnosis of cerebral palsy. The family's quest for treatment took them to various hospitals, but as they got older, the boys' conditions worsened. They were unable to walk, speak or care for themselves. Mangala and Shivanna had to abandon their jobs to provide full-time care, plunging the family into poverty and social isolation.

Support from our local charity partner, Margadarshi, brought hope and practical assistance. They provided crucial guidance on available resources for disabled children and encouraged the family to regain confidence and self-sufficiency. As part of the livelihoods project, they received a cow with a calf, which became a lifeline for the family. The cows provided milk for the children and surplus for sale, enabling Mangala and Shivanna to earn a livelihood again.

Over time, the family's income has grown with the addition of more cows. Shivanna transitioned from working as a day labourer with an unpredictable income, to managing the cattle. Continuous support and encouragement from the project have revitalised the family's spirit, transforming their circumstances from despair to sustainable self-reliance.

This family's success story is not only serving as an inspiration to other unpaid family carers in the area but also to Margadarshi staff members, reaffirming their commitment to empowering carers and improving the lives of families facing adversity.

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