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International Alliance of Carer Organisations | “Global State of Care” Report Out Now

Published: 22 November 2018
Updated: 15 May 2023
Carer hugging elderly next to the global state of care logo

After extensive research, the International Alliance of Carer Organisations (IACO) has published a landmark “Global State of Care” report in partnership with Embracing Carers™ (Merck). The report brings together findings on the status of carers in nine different countries: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and United States of America.

What is the Global State of Care report?

The Global State of Care report focuses on the role of unpaid caregivers in nine countries. The report addresses what mechanisms each country currently has in place to support informal caregivers and highlights areas where further support is needed.

Why was the report created?

There is limited global information regarding the rights and wellbeing of carers. The purpose of this report is to provide a basis from which policy discussions about the rights of carers can be facilitated. The ultimate goal is to devise a global strategy on caring that will improve the lives of unpaid caregivers throughout the world.

How was the report developed?

Policy experts from a total of 9 countries gathered information to be included in the report. The collated information was then reviewed and validated by carer adviser experts. Due to our extensive work with caregivers, we were selected to collect data and statistics on the current recognition and rights of carers based in India.

What were the key contributions made by Carers Worldwide to the report?

Our contributions highlighted that there is a lack of formal rights available to carers in India and that carers have limited access to financial support. In this report, we show how the 5 drivers of change (Carer Support Groups; Health Services; Respite, Employment Training and Education; and Advocacy) featured in our Carers Worldwide Model can transform the lives of carers. We provide two case studies that provide an insight in to how the creation of new livelihood opportunities can bring carers out of poverty and how young carers are supported in our work.

What will IACO do next?

IACO will use the findings of this report to facilitate policy discussions around the world with the aim of devising a global strategy on the role of informal caregiving. IACO will also continue to expand its reach and involve new countries in its work, so that more carers can gain access to the support that they deserve.

Please read the Global State of Care report in full here.